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    Pizza with a smile!

    Our philosophy is based on simple recipes, good fresh ingredients, and a friendly service for all our customers. With pizza delivery dominated by impersonal mega-brands on the one hand, and mixed offering independent chicken / kebab / pizza houses on the other, we want to share great pizza with our local community, focussing on what we do best: pizza with a smile!

    Our first Pizza Time opened in 2000, and from the very beginning we have kept to what we know and put our very best into every pizza. Since then we have never looked back, and even today, with Pizza Time pizza now available across the UK, every customer matters, and every single pizza should be just as good as the very first ones we made back in 2000.

    For the love of Pizza

    All our pizza chefs are selected for their love of what they do. We work hard to plan our menus for all tastes, and if there is something special that you would like us to make for you, just ask! We work tirelessly on every aspect of your pizza, sourcing from local suppliers, researching the best flavour combinations, and making your pizza just for you, just when you want it.

    Pizza Time, Our story, Pizza Time, Pizza Time